Work with Paul

Transformation is within...
All you need are the tools to open the door.

Steps of Transformation


As you develop your personal capacity, awareness and knowledge you understand what is possible. Transformation happens from the inside out. By changing you; bringing you capacity up you can affect others around you.


When we regain our vitality by removing the layers of blocks within, our natural power comes back. Too often we sacrifice ourselves as a compromise in life till there is nothing left. We aim to change that depleting pattern.


Once you have regained your energy, then the fun starts. You become a creator based on what invigorates and inspires us. The inner satisfaction and joy in everything we do becomes spontaneous.

Working Together

Video Call

I love technology, especially when it serves our communications. If we can’t meet me in person, lets connect via a video call. 

Contact me:
to set up for a free 15 minute discovery call. 

In Person

In person is always best, especially when it is where you live or work environment to know the influences of surroundings are working to support your goals. When we discuss the details of what you want to shift in your life,
it should be in the space you are creating from. You can schedule a meeting via my calendar.

Corporate Leaders

As an executive, it is important to learn how to interact with staff and employees. In your role, there is a tremendous amount of leadership responsibility to both increase profitability and to keep your co-workers inspired and supportive in your role and goals. In the end its all about interpersonal skills and communication.